Yang Se-chan Criticized for his Comment Towards Jeon So-min @ HanCinema

SBS TV Show “Running Man” Yang Se Chan And Jeon So Min They are criticized for a game they played.


There was a mission on the go and Yang Se Chan And Jeon So Min They were involved. The two played a game and Yang Se Chan He asked, “Are you still with that guy?” and “Did you think about your ex-boyfriend when you kissed him Viewing window: The Queen’s House? ” Jeon So Min He looked shocked and lost in the match.

Netizens who watched the show on this day said, “It’s really rude of him to mention her ex-boyfriend in this way,” “He has no respect for the actress’ job,” “This was going too far” and “He’s thinking Jeon So Min It’s stupid “,” It’s a production fault to allow something like that “and more.

“Running Man” closed the comments section of the YouTube video but opened it again after an hour.


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