Yoo In-young to Make a Special Appearance in ‘Crazy Love

Actor Yoo In-young will make a special appearance in “Crazy Love – 2022”.


On the 7th, KBS2’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Crazy Love – 2022” announced a special appearance by Yoo In-young.

“Crazy Love – 2022” is a sweet and bloody crazy romance between a scumbag representative who plays amnesia in a murder notice and his assistant who acts as his fiancé at a death sentence.

Yoo In-young will take on the role of Baek Soo-yeong, the first love of No Go-jin (Kim Jae-wook), the best math instructor and the industry’s No. 1 Gotop Education representative and CEO of the competing company Baek Edu.

Baek Soo-yeong is literally a diamond spoon born as the youngest daughter of a private school conglomerate. She falls in love with Go-jin, who lives in a 180-degree different environment from herself, but soon realizes reality and leaves for the US Then she returns to Korea after eight years and is destined to be attracted to No Go-jin, whom she meets by chance, and decides to take him back.

The production team said, “Baek Soo-yeong will establish Baek Edu against No Go-jin’s industry No. 1 Gotop Education. Over the years, there is no hardship she knew, but whether Soo-young’s plan, who must have what she wants , will succeed is a point to watch. Yoo In-young‘s charm is added to the role of Soo-young, creating synergy beyond satisfaction.”

“Crazy Love – 2022” is scheduled to air in the first half of this year.


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