Yoon Chae-kyung Picked to Lead Star in ‘Woof and Meow

Singer and actress Yoon Chae-kyung was selected as the main character in a drama.


According to her agency on the 14th, Yoon Chae-kyung will appear in the drama “Woof and Meow – Do you Love Me?” which will premiere on the DRAMAcube channel on the 19th.

“Woof and Meow – Do you Love Me?” is a drama about a man like a cat and a woman like a puppy.

In this work, Yoon Chae-kyung plays the main character Cha Do-hee, an aspiring drama writer and owner of the cat Anna. She is a lively and bold person who dreams of fateful love.

earlier, Yoon Chae-kyung made a successful acting debut through the web drama “The Time To Go To You 1:11” last year and also appeared in the play “Companion-Life Is A Picnic”.

The agency said, “Please look forward to the lovely appearance of Yoon Chae-kyungwho has been loved for her overflowing affinity and refreshing energy, on “Woof and Meow – Do you Love Me?”“.

“Woof and Meow – Do you Love Me?” will air every Saturday at 8:30 AM from the 19th to March 5th. It will also be released on YouTube channels in the future.


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